Thursday, August 25, 2005

Artist in Focus: Donna summer

Listing songs is enermous task because of the sheer number of songs,I have come up wth Artist in focus Section Here are I will try to add a small Bio and Famous songs of artist,Free Downloads will follow on same Topic or next Topic
Donna Summer is rightly been called as Queen of disco!
Winner of 5 Grammy awards and 11 Grammy nominations,3 platinuim albums
Born as Donna Gaines in 1948,she started out with band called "The Crow",after band broke off,she went of to Germany and there was no stopping then!
By 1974,she was going by name Donna summers and she produced "The Hostage",which was first major success title in Europe.
In 1975,she got her first Major success in America with "Love to Love you Baby" and rest is history

Notable songs include --

* She Works Hard for the Money
* On the Radio
* Last Dance
* I Feel Love
* Hot Stuff
* Love to Love You Baby
* Bad Girls
* MacArthur Park
* Try Me, I Know We Can Make It
* Once upon a Time
In a cermony in September 20, 2004 in New York, Donna along with Giorgio Moroder, Bee Gees and Barry White were the first ones voted into the Dance Music Hall of Fame!


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